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3 Benefits of Selling Gold & Silver jewelry at a Pawn Shop

Like many people, you might have some rings, necklaces, and bracelets at home you no longer wear, whether they’re broken or out of style. Retail jewelry stores often buy pieces they believe their customers will like, but visiting a pawn shop can be a faster, easier way to get a higher price for your item. The team at Gold Market Financing of Willemstad, Curacao, has over many years of experience appraising jewelry, making them the area’s leading diamond buyer and cash-for-gold center. They are experts at finding value in every piece, even if it’s damaged. Below, they outline three reasons to work with your local pawn shop instead of a retail jeweler for your next sale.


Jewelry stores look for gold and silver pieces that are in pristine condition, especially if they’re by a popular designer or from an important historical period. The staff only buys what they know they can sell and are unlikely to invest time and financial resources in restoring a piece that is in poor condition.

Pawn shops, on the other hand, are much more flexible when it comes to purchasing gold and silver. If the item is in good condition, your appraisal will be based on its resale value. Even if a piece is considered scrap, the pawnbroker will make an offer based on its intrinsic worth. 


Retail jewelers base their pricing on an item’s intricacy and use of materials like precious stones, so a simple ring or bracelet may not fetch as high a price as you’d hoped. However, pawn shops monitor the market prices for precious metals and adjust their buying price accordingly, often leading them to offer more than jewelry stores do. If the gold can be recovered, your local pawnbroker will help you turn a profit on any item, regardless of its style or condition.


Another benefit to selling your gold or silver at a pawn shop is the speed of the transaction. Waiting for a jeweler to research and appraise the piece or trying your hand at an online auction can be a surprisingly slow process. If you need money quickly, visiting a pawn shop will result in a speedy transaction. After agreeing on a fair price based on the item’s market or resale value, you can leave the store with cash in your hand. 

The next time you’re looking to make money quickly and safely, visitGold Market Financing. This locally owned and operated pawn shop is ready to buy! Their team’s decades of experience ensure you’ll receive a fair price for your gold and silver sales. For more information, call +5999 465 2477 / +5999 465 2478 or visit their website today.


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